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    We’re all in this together

    This post is picture heavy and prose light. Steve and I got back from Europe Sunday night and I’m refreshed and exhausted and ready and not ready to get back to life as we know it here in Fargo. I’ve got emails, work, laundry, and more to catch up on. I’ve got to reorient myself with the kids’ schedules, get the kids back into the chore routine. Find that balance again. After all, school starts again in a month. (Yikes!) I think the best part of this trip was the realization that there are hundreds, thousands, millions of people on this planet who live in many ways the life you’re living…

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    Boys and men

    I’ll never forget that 20 week ultrasound (which was really at 18 weeks based on appointment scheduling). The ultrasound tech pointed to the screen, between what I was assuming was J’s legs and said, “See that right there (referring to J’s boy parts). It’s a boy!” Steve was ecstatic. I was terrified. It was overwhelming thinking about raising another human being and I knew nothing about boys. NOTHING. J’s baby shower was all blankets, diapers, onesies, and soothers, blue and sports. The perfect inauguration for a perfectly happy and healthy baby boy. And for a long time, for almost two years, J was exactly the baby boy we both expected him to be.…

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    Little Changes and a Step Closer to Empathy

    Fall is in full force here in Fargo. J insists that our fridge is stocked with chilled cider and that every morning starts with hot chocolate chip muffins. He has set ideas about these things. I insist that J looks for the changes in the trees as we walk to the high school for XC practice. Fall is by far the best reminder for me that little changes happen every day. The way that the tops of a maple catch crimson one day and in a few more days the fiery red has spread to the next tier of branches and then the next week a new tier catches fire.…

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